Hornets Bismack Biyombo Sued by Former Trainer for $2 Million


Charlotte Hornets star Bismack Biyombo is experiencing a case of more money, more problems. Supposedly the 6’9″ Biyombo was approached in his home country Yemen by a man named Igor Crespo in 2009, who promised him to help him develop into an NBA player in exchange for 10% of his lifetime earnings.

Obviously Biyombo was drafted in the 2011 NBA Draft as the 7th pick, so now Crespo is looking for $2 million, which would add up the money he was promised in his agreement with Biyombo. Crespo claims to have a contract, which was signed in Spain when he helped Biyombo get a job with a  team in Madrid. Crespo claims that after Biyombo was drafted he stopped receiving his 10% payments.

Biyombo hasn’t commented on any of Crespo’s claims, but the better question is why would he agree to such a ridiculous amount of money? If Crespo indeed has a contract signed by Biyombo, then the Bobcats player could be forking over a good chunk of change very soon.

[h/t TMZ]