Bosh Says Heat Didn’t Enjoy This Season Because it Became Like Work

Chris Bosh says life is harsh

There is a reason that very few times make it to four straight NBA Finals. It is a very grueling process both mentally and physically.

When you are a spotlight team like the Heat it is even more taxing.  With that being said, there are no excuses, they were the ones who had the big introductory celebration, so they have to deal with the slander.

Here is what Bosh had to say about the Heat’s season.

“I don’t think anybody really enjoyed this season like in years past,” Bosh told The Associated Press. “There was no, like, genuine joy all the time. It seemed like work. It was a job the whole year. Winning was just a relief. Losing was a cloud over us sometimes, and then we’d break out of it — and then go right back. But we got here. We had a chance. They were just better.”

That being said, and while hardly committing to a fifth season of the Big Three era in Miami, Bosh made it clear: The group wants to remain intact. Whether personal choices and financial realities of a salary-capped, luxury-taxed world will allow that to happen remains unclear.

“We want to stay together, man,” Bosh said. “I’ll say that. It’s a great organization, great team and great city. And to have a chance, that’s all you can ask for.”

Probably could have worded that a little better. A lot of people would kill for his “job”.

Do they have another run in them? Time will tell.