Bosnia-Herzegovina’s Coaches Almost Robbed by Armed men in Brazil


Dang, they couldn’t let them unpack their bags first?

According to a story via the Score, the coaching staff for the Bosnia-Herzegovina soccer team were almost robbed by armed men in Brazil close to where the team was training. Head coach Sufet Sušić was amongst those who were walking the streets of Guaruja when the incident occurred.

Somehow Sušić was able to joke around about the scary incident afterwards.

I really hope this World Cup isn’t ruined by the actions of hooligans. It would leave an indelible black mark on Brazil as a country.

One thought on “Bosnia-Herzegovina’s Coaches Almost Robbed by Armed men in Brazil

  • The actions of hooligans? C’mon man! seriously? Hooliganism is asking a country to spend billions of dollars on an event the people do not want….hooliganism is FIFA and their sponsors (nike, budweiser, coca cola, kia, Mcdonalds) making out like bandits and leaving brazillians holding the bag.

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