Brady Quinn Says Manziel Needs to Spend More Time with Sick Little Kids (Audio)


Johnny Manziel Swan

Johnny Manziel like to have a good time. Johnny Manziel also isn’t going to stop having a good time unless it actually effects his play which we have yet to see. Brady Quinn has already come out before and voiced his concern about Manziel going to Vegas, but now he is back and had this to say:

There’s a little kid watching that, and now he’s looking up to him as a role model. For me personally, I have a little bit of an issue with it. I don’t think thats the way you want to conduct yourself. If you were asking Jimmy Haslam `is that really what you want the face of your franchise doing, and having out there? I just dont think its right. I dont think its respectful to the other Vet players too, who are preparing for a winning season. I revert back to Russell Wilson. You see all the time his good works, on camera, on twitter, a hospital with sick kids. Thats the kind of role model [Russell Wilson] I’d want for my franchise. I don’t understand why he can’t interject more of it into his life, he’s got such a following. So then try to do it in a positive way..whatever it is just try to do it in a more positive mannner.

There seems to be a lot of hurt behind those words. Is Brady upset because he flamed out? Or is he speaking the truth? Probably a bit of both, but one thing is for sure, Brady Quinn isn’t the only person that feels this way. They only real way for Johnny to silence these critics is to play well in the NFL.