Brazilian Model Kicked Out of Practice for Stalking Ronaldo (Photos)


The woes for Cristiano Ronaldo continue as a Brazilian model named Andressa Urach might be stalking the soccer star. Being stalked by a model from any country doesn’t seem like such a bad thing, but Ronaldo has been battling injury in Brazil. Apparently when the team arrived in Brazil for the World Cup, Andressa came to their hotel with her torso painted in body paint of Ronaldo’s team jersey. She then managed to secure media credentials for the team’s Wednesday’s practice and was promptly removed and stripped of her credentials.

“I came to say good luck to the C7 and got kicked out of the field, took my press pass, as if I’d blame everything! I came to the field to # # muitoshow RedeTV because my “Director” sent!! Lol just laughing even cade freedom of expression,” she wrote on Instagram (as translated by Google).

Urach might not be a random twodel trying to follow Ronaldo around like a lost puppy, though. She claims the she slept with him right before the Champions League game when Ronaldo was playing for Real Madrid. There are worst things in the world than being stalked by a sexy Brazilian model, but maybe should tone back her blatant thirst for the soccer star, especially since he’s having a rough time in Brazil with a leg injury.

However, to help you guys out today, I present to you the best of Brazilian butt model Andressa Urach.


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  • She is a knock-out but needs to understand the guy is a soccer player. He plays for “the other team”. Not that there’s anyting wrong with that.

    • Please stop portraying your closet tendencies on others, it’s real unsettling.

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