Bricks of Heroin, Chicken & 16 Guns Found in House Owned By Ex-NFL CB

Deshea Townsend

Obviously Deshea Townsend didn’t do a thorough background check on the people who were either renting or allowed to stay in his home.

Two men were arrested in Pittsburgh after police made a giant drug bust at a house owned by former Steelers cornerback Deshea Townsend, according to CBS-affiliate KDKA

The two suspects in the case — James Perrin and Price Montgomery — were arrested at Townsend’s house with 1,500 bricks of heroin, 16 firearms, and some Cuban cigars. There was also $100,000 in cash and jewelry, plus a chicken. An actual living chicken.

Good news for Townsend at least for now is the police don’t believe he was involved in the drug cartel.