Broncos Aqib Talib Arrested for Being Drunk & Throwing Bottles at Club



Some players just never learn their lesson and trouble follows them wherever they go. Talib appears to be one of those players.

Talib most recently played with the New England Patriots before signing with the Denver Broncos in the offseason.

This isn’t Talib first run in with that law. He was accused of shooting and charged with assault with a deadly weapon (which were eventually dropped) and there have been other minor incidents going all the way back to when he was in college.  He was also suspended by the NFL for using adderall.

The Patriots were hesitant to give him big money, so they let him walk and Broncos gave him the biggest guarantee ever for a cornerback. They might be second guessing that decision right now.


Talib’s agent says it is all a big mix up.


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