Broncos Super Bowl Shirts Are Sent To Africa (Photo)

denver broncos ship super bowl shirts to africa

There is always a winner and a loser. That’s just the way sports operate unless you have a rare tie. In regards to the Super Bowl, the winner receives a Vince Lombardi trophy, a city parade, and millions of shirts and other clothing apparel professing their greatness as the ultimate winner.

What’s in it for the losing team you ask? Unfortunately no parade is coming to a city near them, but they do get to participate in an act of kindness as their premade clothing is typically shipped to another country to clothed the underprivileged.

Adam Paul Copper, a worker for World Visions and a dedicated Kansas Chief fan, decided to take a picture and poke a little fun at the Denver Broncos as he prepares to ship their shirts to Africa.

Cooper couldn’t pass up a chance to rub it in a little more as he tweeted the final score of the Super Bowl shortly afterwards.

When was the last time the Chiefs played or won a Super Bowl again?