Browns HC Says Manziel Was Only QB in Draft Ready To Play


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The Cleveland Browns have taken an cautious approach when it comes to Johnny Manziel’s playing time, at least so far in camp.

Browns Head Coach Mike Pettine was featured by Greg Bedard and had something to say about Johnny though. He feels that Manziel was the only QB in the draft that didn’t need a “redshirt” year:

“We felt this entire draft class, every single one of (the quarterbacks) needed a redshirt year, with Johnny really being the only one that had a chance given the right circumstances to be an opening-day starter,” Pettine said. “It could happen, but in my ideal world, it’s not opening day.”

I don’t expect him to say anything less now that Johnny is on his team but I find it interesting that he would say anything at all about that. He did continue the line about not wanting to start his newly drafted QB day one but we will see how that holds up.

Do you agree that Johnny was the only QB ready to play week 1?


  1. I think Coach Pettine is right on about the circumstances being just right. I think they all need a red shirt year. If a viable veteran is not available, then one could start in my opinion.

  2. I don’t think “Partyboy” will ever be ready to play in the NFL without a 24 hr. bodyguard to keep him sober & off the drugs.

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