Bucks Interested in Acquiring Second Lottery Pick


With the NBA Draft just over 24 hours away, rumors are swirling for pretty much every team in the lottery. With the second overall pick, the Milwaukee Bucks are in a great position to let the Cavs decide between Jabari Parker and Andrew Wiggins while happily taking whichever player is left.

But according to ESPN’s Chad Ford, the Bucks may not be finished in the lottery after making the second overall selection. Ford was asked in a chat on ESPN about the possibility of Milwaukee making any trades on draft day and had this to offer:

But yes, they’ll be very active in trying to get another lottery pick. If they can’t get that, a mid to late first rounder is also not out of the question for them. They have a number of players they like in the draft. Brandon Knight and John Hensen are the players teams in the lottery are interested in. Also, there seems to be some interest in Larry Sanders as well. He won’t net them a lottery pick, but a mid to late first rounder from a team trying to win now? It’s a possibility.

The possibility of trading Sanders shows just how much the Bucks have soured on the big man, but they key takeaway here is that the team is looking to move back into the lottery to secure more young talent. Plenty of teams are willing to mortgage future drafts for a chance at a high pick from this much-hyped class.

It will be very interesting to see what kind of moves, both genius and bone-headed, are made in the next two days.