Bucs LB Compares Josh McCown To Drew Brees


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are smitten with Josh McCown as a quarterback.  McCown has garnered rave reviews from coaches and teammates since arriving.

McCown went from a guy contemplating walking away from the game, to someone who the Bucs firmly believe in.  According to Tampa Bay linebacker Jonathan Casillas, McCown is playing on another level compared to last year’s starter Mike Glennon. Casillas, a former Saint, compared McCown to the great Drew Brees recently. 

“McCown is just, he’s on a another level right now, I believe,” Casillas said on The Dave Rothenberg Show. “Don’t take anything from Glennon; he’s just only in his second year, but McCown looks like he’s played a couple of years in this game. It’s a strong comparison, but he reminds me of Drew [Brees], not just the way he throws the ball, but his approach to the game.”

“The first one in, last one out, he’s always around,” Casillas said. “He’s very communicable, very personable. And you can tell he’s a born leader. You know, he’s not even trying to do much now, but people are following him, just his approach to the game. Glennon is learning a lot from him. So, if Glennon can beat him out this year, that would be great. Because at the end of the day, if Glennon can beat McCown out, then we’re going to get a good quarterback.”

We’ll see if McCown can outduel Brees twice a year.