Cam Newton Doesn’t Want A Contract Like Kaepernick’s


Cam, Luck

Cam Newton is likely to sign a huge contract extension with the Carolina Panthers between now and the end of the 2014 NFL season.  Newton is aware of the numbers, and according to Ian Rapoport, would prefer to avoid a deal similar to the one Colin Kaepernick received from the 49ers.

NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport reported Tuesday on NFL Total Access that Kaepernick’s contract — a pact that includes just $13 million in guaranteed money — “really scares people who know Cam Newton very well.”

The structure of Kaepernick’s deal essentially allows the Niners to evaluate the quarterback on a year-to-year basis. There is a fear in Newton’s circle that Kaepernick’s deal is a sign of things to come in how teams do business with franchise quarterbacks.

Rapoport is reporting that guaranteed money is what’s important to Newton, and he’ll likely look to sign a contract where the actual guarantee is around $52 million total.