Caption the Photo: Girlfriend Destroys Boyfriend’s Sneaker Collection


Lets all just take a second to look at dude’s face…

He just came home and found his entire sneaker collection thrown out on the lawn. His face shows pure struggle.

I want to use this article as a teaching lesson for both our bros and our female readers. Lets start with the bros. Do not, I repeat do not, cheat on your girl if your most prized possessions are in her house. A little fun with a random is not worth losing thousand of dollars worth of sneakers.

Now ladies. Come on you’re all better than this. I know its not good to catch the man you love creeping with another woman but throwing his sneakers outside for the little kids in the neighborhood to take and sell on Ebay isn’t cool. Let that hurt go ladies!

I’m familiar with how these situations end in this social media age that we live in. Two days later I’m sure he was back together with his girl, she was posting #bae & #MCM pics of him, and all is well until he gets caught with the next Twodel that hops in his DMs.