Chael Sonnen Fails Drug Test; Won’t Fight Vitor Belfort At UFC 175

Chael-failed drug test

Just two weeks ago Chael Sonnen went on Fox Sports 1’s ‘UFC Tonight’ show to bash former opponent Wanderlei Silva for running from a drug test prior to their at UFC 175 in Las Vegas.

News now comes out that Sonnen had a classic case of “Pot calling the kettle black” syndrome. Sonnen pulled out of UFC 175 today because of a suspected failed drug test.

ESPN was the first to report the story:

The Nevada State Athletic Commission randomly tested Sonnen last month while he was in Las Vegas to attend a UFC news conference. Results confirmed the presence of two illegal substances, Anastrozole and Clomiphene.

NSAC chairman Francisco Aguilar confirmed the test results to on Tuesday.

UFC officials also acknowledged the situation.

“UFC officials acknowledge irregularities in a recent random test,” the promotion stated. “Chael is planning on addressing the matter this afternoon.”

Sonnen (28-14-1) is expected to discuss the test results on Fox, where he serves as a UFC analyst. The substances Sonnen tested postive for are classified as anti-estrogenic.

Anastrozole is used to treat early stages of breast cancer. Clomiphene is used in cases of female infertility.

Sonnen likely will face a suspension in the wake of the test. Sources indicate to he will not file an appeal.

Sonnen leaves this situation looking incredibly hypocritical. His suspension will be handed down shortly and it may very well mark the end the career of the 38 year old fighter.