Chandler Parsons on LeBron: He’s Leaving The Heat


Chandler Parsons is the man responsible for swaying Dwight Howard to the Houston Rockets, so could he really have some insight into the future of one LeBron James?

Parsons was a guest on Sports Nation Friday, and told the panel that he believes James will bolt the Heat because of the disastrous way these NBA Finals have gone.

“I think if they would have won the championship it would have been a different story and they would have come back to do it again but he’s got so much responsibility, he’s obviously one of the best players if not the best player, I think them losing will make him make a move and opt out and you’ll see him in a differnent jersey next year.”

Parsons went on to say he can’t see LeBron teaming up with Kobe Bryant on the Lakers. He can see a return to Cleveland.