Chicago is the Early Favorite to Host 2015 NFL Draft


After 50 years, the NFL Draft may return to Chicago. The city last held the draft in 1964 & according to NFL Media senior analyst Gil Brandt, should be the odds on favorite, to host in 2015.

“If I were an oddsmaker, I would say Chicago is where it’ll be next year,” Brandt told SiriusXM. “… The draft is going be a grand event, as we know it. It’s going be, not only the players being selected, but we’re going to have events outside of the draft area in which they will have a 40-yard dash race for people that want to run the 40 like players do. It’ll be just like the event they have at the Super Bowl, the NFL Experience.” – via Bryan Fischer,

With less than 100 days left until the NFL season kicks off, fans from all over the the US are clamoring to host the draft. Even former NFL cities like Los Angeles, are placing their bid. According to NFL Insider Ian Rapoport, the location should be decided by he end of the summer.