Church Dedicates Sermon to Asking LeBron to Re-Sign With Heat (Photos)

Bands for Bron

We went through this sort of thing in 2010 when Cavs fans were trying to persuade LeBron to not leave Cleveland. Now it’s the Heat fans turn to try to show how much the can beg or show their fandom depending on your point of view.

Check out the pictures from the Twitter account @BandforBron which was set up be ESPN Palm Beach as a way for fans to show themselves wearing headbands to convince LeBron to stay in Miami. I guess they are just trying to show support but someone needs to inform Heat fans that even though it is “report” season, Miami is the overwhelming favorite for James next season.

This was all taken up a could notches when a church group got in on the act as you can see below. They even dedicated the sermon to LeBron staying in Miami.

On Sunday, Holy Spirit Episcopalian Church in West Palm Beach took the LeBron movement to a new level. The congregation and clergy of the church all donned headbands and dedicated part of their service to asking for LeBron’s return.