Ciara Looks Like Sammy Sosa at BET Awards (Photo)



I’ve been told that this is Ciara and who am I to go against that, but the Ciara I knew never wore this much make up and wasn’t bleach blonde.

I know Ciara just had a baby not too long ago but this drastic transformation is not working for her. She needs to get back to the Ciara we all know and somewhat tolerated.

Here’s a Picture of Ciara at Last Year’s Awards:

Ciara 2013 BET Awards

5 thoughts on “Ciara Looks Like Sammy Sosa at BET Awards (Photo)

  • …………too bad you’re too stupid to realize that’s not even Ciara but rapper Charli Baltimore. Maybe you should only “write” about sports, friend.

  • How the fuck do you confuse Charlie Baltimore with Ciara… Fake as blog.

  • Please retract this statement…poor poor journalism. A retraction needs to be made immediately.

  • You should delete or update this because this is charlie baltimore. All you need to do is search
    Charli Baltimore BET awards.

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