Ciara Looks Like Sammy Sosa at BET Awards (Photo)




I’ve been told that this is Ciara and who am I to go against that, but the Ciara I knew never wore this much make upĀ and wasn’t bleach blonde.

I know Ciara just had a baby not too long ago but this drastic transformation is not working for her. She needs to get back to the Ciara we all know and somewhat tolerated.

Here’s a Picture of Ciara at Last Year’s Awards:

Ciara 2013 BET Awards


  1. …………too bad you’re too stupid to realize that’s not even Ciara but rapper Charli Baltimore. Maybe you should only “write” about sports, friend.

  2. You should delete or update this because this is charlie baltimore. All you need to do is search
    Charli Baltimore BET awards.

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