Cleveland Site Asks Fans To Name Lebron’s Baby Girl, Saltiness Ensues


For reasons not yet known to man, the website got the genius idea of asking readers to name Lebron’s unborn baby girl, as announced Thursday.

What proceeded afterwards was a wave of ugliness from salty and hateful Cleveland residents who filled the comment sections with a barrage of racist comments and filth. There was so much hatefulness that the entire article had to be taken down, but before it was caught wind of what happened and summed up some of the awfulness:

The outcome of it is obvious. it had more than 20 comments by the time I stumbled on it, and most had to do with racial stereotypes or Delonte West. One of the first comments embedded a video called “Top 60 Ghetto Black Names” where the people in front of the camera mockingly rattle off names like “Fo’Landra,” “Sha’Nay Nay,” “Elephantisha,” “Koolaidria,” “Watermelondrea,” and “Fri’Chickenisha.” Top quality entertainment there.

Other suggestions from the commenters — preserved from the since-deleted post thanks to screenshots — include “Alimonee,” “LeGitimate,” “Mi-lion-alrequa,” “Gloria-Delonte” and “Le’Traitor.” One rattled off five: “Tameeka,” “Moeesha,” “Lexus,” “Mercedes” and “LeQuanza.”

LeBron’s two sons are named LeBron Jr., and Bryce. But, because he’s black, commenters, the people they specifically prompted for their thoughts, think his daughter should be named “LeQuanza” or “Alimonee.”

Beyond pathetic.

Not really sure if this for sure impacts Lebron’s chances of returning, but my guess would be this doesn’t exactly help.