Comparing Heat & Spurs Players to Their WWE Counterparts


If you were looking for unbelievable athleticism, recognizable stars with crossover appeal and great storylines, what would you tune into?

For some, the answer is the NBA Finals of course. Lebron James, Tim Duncan, a Finals rematch, all the elements are there for great television. But to another group of fans entirely, that answer could just as easily be John Cena, Daniel Bryan, and a title match on WWE programming.

The two have much more in common than most people realize. The NBA is the only of the four major sports that is almost entirely focused on star power. The players sell tickets and drive ratings, just like the characters in WWE programming.

As is often the case, Twitter gave us here at BSO a great idea. Which WWE superstar would some of the NBA Finals stars be in the wrestling world?


Lebron James is John Cena.

Let’s get the most obvious one out of the way. Lebron and Cena are basically the perfect WWE/NBA comparison. Both are the faces of their respective companies. Both are extremely polarizing for fans, you either hate them or love them, there really is no middle ground. And both are multiple time champions who can be depended on regardless of the situation.

And like it or not, both will be around the championship scene for a long, long time.


Tim Duncan is The Undertaker.

Longevity? Check. Multiple title reigns? Check. An impressive undefeated streak that was recently broke? Double Check.

Both Duncan and Taker are the elder statesmen of their respective organizations. While questions about their age and ability follow them around, both athletes continue to defy the odds and deliver incredible performances. Oh and both are coming off of first-time failures on the biggest stage of them all. Duncan lost his first ever NBA Finals series last season after starting 4-0, and the Undertaker had his 21-0 Wrestlemania streak snapped earlier this year.

Will we ever see either back on top? Only time will tell.