Cowboys Doing Ballet To Help Reduce Hamstring Injuries

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The Cowboys seemed to have a lot of hamstring issues over the years (or maybe it was just Miles Austin) whatever the case maybe, they are working on an interesting solution according to PFT.

 Cowboys are willing to run the risk of a few snickers, installing ballet bars to help get their boys stretched out.

According to Jon Machota of the Dallas Morning News, the new quipment comes after 12 players were sidelined with some degree of thigh or hamstring issue last year,

“We’ve put a big emphasis on addressing, as an organization, some of the injuries that we’ve had,” Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said. “Just an emphasis on stretching, giving our players the opportunity, whether it’s with ballet or V-sits or back systems, whatever things we use, we try to help them get into routines that can help them be flexible and avoid some of the injuries we’ve had.”

If the ballet bars helped them finally win more than 8 games this season, stripper poles might be next.