Cowboys Morris Claiborne Wants Questions About His Ability to Stop


To say that Dallas Cowboys CB Morris Claiborne’s first two NFL seasons have been disappointing is pretty much a euphemism for how dismal it’s been at the professional level for the former college football standout. Claiborne has only managed two picks in the two years and missed almost half of last season with recurring hamstring injuries. That’s not the type of season that Claiborne is expecting in 2014, however.

“I’m ready,” Claiborne said. “Hands down, point blank, I’m ready. I feel better than I’ve ever felt in a long time. I’m just anxious for you guys to start asking me something else: What about the interception you made? I’m ready for those type questions.”

Whether or not Claiborne is ready remains to be seen. According to Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones, there really isn’t any way the defense could get any worse than it was last year, so there’s probably hope for Claiborne to at least get better. His coaches seem to believe in him, as well.

“He’s more mature physically, and I think his technique is getting better,” Garrett said. “I think with that, you develop some confidence, and you need confidence in any position you play, but you certainly need it if you play corner in the NFL. You’re out there by yourself a lot.”

Claiborne only has left to let his actions back up his words and finally put up some numbers for the Cowboys.

[h/t ESPN]