D Wade Makes His Sons Wash His Porsche (Photo)


Dwyane Wade may be a multimillionaire NBA superstar, but that doesn’t mean he spoils his kids rotten. Wade made his sons Zion and Zaire, along with his nephew Xavier, wash his porsche instead of calling a carwash service. I’m guessing that Wade was trying to teach his boys the value of money and that just because you have it, doesn’t mean you can’t humble yourself once in awhile. The caption on the photo says it all.

This is how our Saturday morning started in the #WadeHousehold. #CarWashSaturday for these young men..#ifyoudontteachthemtheywontknow

I’d say this was a good lesson learned because nothing will instill good values like the wretched South Florida sun beating on your back while you do manual labor. Kudos to Wade.

[h/t Instagram]