D Wade’s Ex-Wife Suing Him For Sending Cops to Beat Her Up

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Dwyane Wade and his ex-wife Siohvaughn Funches-Wade have been in and out of court for the last seven years trying to finalize their divorce. There have been more plot twists than the Young & The Restless. There has been arrests, accusations and even a homeless sit-in on the street.

I have been saying for years that especially for their children they need to find some sort of middle ground, but rarely does a few months go by without some sort of lawsuit or wild story. This time Siohvaughn Funches-Wade is suing Wade for an alleged  conspiracy to get her locked up for Child Abduction.

Here are the details courtesy of The Sun Times.

Basketball star Dwyane Wade’s ex-wife has filed a federal lawsuit against her ex-husband’s divorce attorney and Dolton Police, alleging they framed her for child abduction.

She in the lawsuit she was “violently attacked” by Dolton cops at her south suburban home in June 2012.

She says Wade’s attorney James Pritikin “conspired” with Dolton officers and Wade’s pal, New Lenox mayor Tim Baldermann, to have her falsely arrested for child abduction for failing to turn over her kids to her ex as directed by a judge.

Funches-Wade, who is acting as her own attorney, says she suffered a torn rotator cuff, asthma attack and a panic attack due to her rough treatment during the arrest.

I try to give every story the benefit of the doubt, but it is really hard to believe that Wade, his lawyer, some cops and the Mayor for goodness sakes plotted this all out. I am man of reason and this just doesn’t seem plausible. Unless she has some evidence to back it up, it needs to be dismissed.

She is suing Wade for $50k over this alleged grand conspiracy.

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  • This woman needs to get laid.she strikes me as being incredibly lonely and and frustrated.Dwayne Wade has gotten off really easy in the court of public opinion for his infidelity, even after he knocked up that other skank.That has to infuriating to his ex, who was a fateful wife and mother before his betrayal.I imagine that’s pretty hard to let go.

  • This b**** crazy. End of story.

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