Defense Wants Dismissal Murder Charges Against Aaron Hernandez


According to former New England Patriot Aaron Hernandez’s defense team, despite more calling more than 80 witness and providing tons of evidence, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has failed to establish probable cause to prove he is guilty in the murder of Odin Lloyd.

A motion has been filed and the defense will appeal to Superior Court Judge E. Susan Garsh to dismiss the murder and firearm indictments against Hernandez.

“Specifically, there was no forensic evidence presented linking Hernandez to the shooting, no eyewitness testimony, no inculpatory statements by Hernandez, and no evidence that Hernandez had any motive to kill Lloyd,” the defense writes. “Basically, all that the Commonwealth showed the grand jury is that Hernandez was in a car with Lloyd and several other individuals shortly before Lloyd was shot to death.”

“To compensate for gaping holes in its proof, the Commonwealth sought to portray Hernandez, a well-known, popular professional athlete, as an immoral drug-user with violent criminal propensities,” they write. “This deliberate strategy worked.”

In a case of this magnitude these motions are rarely granted, but it will force the prosecution to reveal more of their theory of why Hernandez is guilty  Both sides are due to appear in court on June 16th..