Derek Fisher Says It’s His ‘Calling’ To Be A Head Coach



Well I guess we can move on from the Derek Fisher to some teams NBA front office rumors.  Despite the raw emotion of knowing he’s possibly played his last game in the NBA, Fisher seems to know what his future holds for him.

During his 20 minute exit interview on Sunday, Fisher finally admitted that he does plan to coach, saying it’s “his calling.”

“I think I’ve always — for the last decade — really felt my purpose in life and calling was to be in a leadership position or some position of impact on other people. I didn’t know if that would be philanthropic, community, business, management, continuing to play. But somehow I’ve been blessed to positively impact other people. I didn’t know how that vision would come to life.

“Coaching allows me to positively impact other people’s lives, to help people find success when they haven’t or have, working together for common goal. That’s what I did for 33 years as a player, starting with basketball at age 6. There’s a love for helping other people. Not playing anymore — if that’s what it’s to be — coaching or being in the front office or being in a role where I can positively impact others and work together for a common goal is exciting to me.”

Fisher acknowledged that the timing of his first job could be awkward, but stated, “that’s how the world works nowadays.”