Derrick Rose Says He Won’t Recruit Carmelo, It Isn’t His Job

Derrick Rose Post Surgery

Derrick Rose could use a little help, so it wouldn’t hurt for him to at least speak to Carmelo about the positive situation in Chicago, but according to Yahoo Sports he has no plans to do so.

Rose told Yahoo Sports on Sunday that he doesn’t plan to recruit Anthony – or any free agent, for that matter – even though he likes Anthony’s game and thinks they can play alongside each other.

Rose’s reason is simple: He said it’s “not his job.”

“My thing is if they want to come, they can come,” Rose said.

Rose’s job is to be a leader and try to help the Bulls become the best team possible. If that means doing a little recruiting he should do it, but it simply isn’t his style.

D Wade did some recruiting and it got him two more rings. Nothing wrong with asking for some help.

2 thoughts on “Derrick Rose Says He Won’t Recruit Carmelo, It Isn’t His Job

  • The idea that someone thinks Wade recruited is phoney all 3 of them sat down and plan this move Wade had about much to do with the Move as the other 2. How hard is it to recruit domeone you plan to play with to choose what city their are going to join up together. Toronto Cleveland or Miami come on man that has nothing written on recruitment just 3 guys making plans and the city where they played would only happen to be Miami because who wanted to play in either of the other two?

  • Rose doesn’t want someone to come in and take his thunder.He wants to be the only star. He better watch out before is butt is traded.

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