DeSean Jackson: Drew Rosenhaus Bribed Me With Louis Vuitton Bag


The battle between DeSean Jackson and Drew Rosenhaus rages on. Drew is suing DeSean for unpaid loans but now in new court documents obtained by TMZ, Jackson is firing back saying that Drew bribed him with a bunch of money stuffed inside a Louis Vuitton bag:

In the docs, DeSean says he shouldn’t have to pay Drew a dime because a huge chunk of the cash was given to him to induce DeSean to use D.R. in his next contract negotiation. 

Why is that a big deal? Because according to DeSean, it’s a huge violation of NFLPA rules — for which the NFLPA punishment is that DeSean wouldn’t have to repay a single cent. 

Now for the cool part … part of the money he received from Drew came IN CASH — stuffed inside a Louis Vuitton bag he received just after midnight on Nov. 10, 2009.

The he said-he said battle isn’t going away anytime soon. Keep in mind that Jackson was ordered to pay back $500k so he will keep fighting it. Its hard to tell who to believe at this point but I do have a question.

Did the Jaccpot records CEO keep the bag or no?

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  • I have an idea. How about black athletes take business and finance courses while they’re in college. When they turn pro, they can negotiate their own contracts instead of hiring agents like Rosenhaus. I bet you DeSean Jackson will be broke in ten years.

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