DeSean Jackson Trolls LeBron on Instagram Again..

DeSean Jackson Bottles

It is open season on LeBron and the Miami Heat if you aren’t a fan of their squad or in the case of DeSean Jackson you are a Lakers fan.

I understand why fans troll, because well, they are fans and don’t have anything else better to do, but I am curious about the protocols of athletes trolling other athletes. DeSean Jackson has won anything of note in the NFL. He is a very good, not great player and definitely not on a level of LeBron James in his sport.  Should he really be mouthing off about LeBron being a closer?

But, all is fair in love and social media I suppose.

DeSean Jackson LeBron 2

DeSean Jackson LeBron

Still won’t use the “K” in his spellings, but that is a different story for a different time. As long as DeSean doesn’t get sensitive when people take shots at him, I have no issues with him taking shots at The King. Football season right around the corner and I am sure Heat fans will be warming up those memes for DeSean if he falters.