Dez Bryant Says He’s Calling The Shots Now With The Cowboys

Dez Bryant Struggle

This was all Roy Williams doing, but there is no reason that anyone should be stuck with dinner higher than the average person’s yearly salary.

Dez at the time was upset about it, here is what he had to say courtesy of DFW.

“The way I look at that is some guys do it just to be [expletive],” Bryant said on FOX Sports 1, via the Dallas Morning News. “I paid $55,000 for a dinner, and it struck me the wrong way. I could’ve easily went off on every last one of them, but I didn’t. I kept myself together, and I wanted to change that. So you know what I did, went out there and did my thing. Now they’re allowing me to call the shots.”

Dez “calling the shots” maybe not the best thing in the world, but he is a very talented player, so he is going to get his money and hopefully not force rookies to pay $55k for dinner dates.

2 thoughts on “Dez Bryant Says He’s Calling The Shots Now With The Cowboys

  • What else would the phrase “call the shots” mean for a mental and emotional midget like des Bryant but being an abusive jerk to his rookie teammates? Have you not been paying attention to this clown the last three years?

    • This jerk is either a NY giants, eagles or redskins fans. Dez is a true talent. Cowboys are the real talent of that division.

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