Dirk Nowitzki To Recruit Carmelo For Mavs

Dallas Mavericks Dirk Nowitzki and New York Knicks Carmelo Anthony battle for position during their NBA basketball game in Dallas

A trade can surely make a guy change his mind about free agent recruitment right?

Just days after saying he had no intention recruiting free agents to the Mavericks, Dirk Nowitzki has done an about-face on Carmelo Anthony.

After watching the Mavs land Tyson Chandler in a trade, Nowitzki said he would definitely pitch Melo on the idea of moving to Dallas.

“I was active the last couple of years recruiting, but it didn’t do anything,’’ Nowitzki said before playing in the Steve Nash Foundation Soccer Showdown on the Lower East Side. “I was active with [Deron Williams] but he stayed [in Brooklyn]. I flew to LA last year to meet with Dwight [Howard] but he went to Houston. I guess they don’t like me much.

“For sure, if Dallas is on his radar, we’ll talk. He’s one of the best scorers in this league. He can score with the best of them. If that’s where he wants to be, we’d love to have him.’’

The Mavericks are the only club with legitimate cap space to acquire Anthony, but it seems unlikely to happen.