Don Mattingly Calls Dodgers “Sh**ty”

black sports online don mattingly rips dodgers

Well, this is never a good thing.

With the Dodgers loss on Wednesday night they are now 8 games behind from first place, an understandably frustrated Mattingly vented to the press:

“Basically, we’re sh**ty,” Mattingly said. “We’re just not that good . . . Home, away, whatever. I don’t know what that has to do with it . . . I really think you should talk to [the players]. I’m tired of answering the questions, honestly.”

All hope shouldn’t be lost though, Dodgers went through a miserable slump last season. Rumors of Don Mattingly being moments away from fired ran rampant, but they rebounded in a huge way and turned their season around.

Currently the Dodgers sit 2nd in the NL West, but are 8 games behind their rival San Francisco Giants and the margin continues to grow.