Donald Sterling is Taking a Stand Against NBA’s “Reign of Terror”

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The Donald Sterling fiasco keeps getting weirder and weirder.

It’s clear Mr. Sterling believes, in his own mind, that he is the people’s champion, standing up against the tyrannical regime known as the NBA. My only question: why do the people representing him keep allowing him to fan his own flames?

The latest statement to come out of the Sterling camp may be the most outlandish one since the original “call heard round’ the world”.

I don’t know what’s more ridiculous; Sterling’s belief that the NBA needs his efforts to “fight these despicable monsters”, or the notion that he actually cares about justice for all Americans.

Just go away already.

[H/T Rachel Nichols]

2 thoughts on “Donald Sterling is Taking a Stand Against NBA’s “Reign of Terror”

  • He’s a dumb ass. They should reject the offer, do a valuation of the team and not allow any bids to go $.01 above the valuation amount. Only asshole I know that doesn’t want to make $1.875B profit on one sale before taxes. If I were a judge, that alone would be enough for me to deem him mentally incapacitated.

  • What, is this the first old man that said didn’t want his girlfriend or wife hanging out with black men? Is that new? Heck I know plenty of older black folks who feel the same way about their sons or daughters hooking up with whites, asians, etc. Really, is this new?

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