Donte Whitner: Manziel’s Intangibles Are Similar To Aaron Rodgers


It seems Johnny Manziel is starting to make quite the impression on some of his Browns teammates.  Most of the news on Johnny Manziel concerns Vegas trips and swan dives at pool parties.  The football news has been scarce until now.

 Browns safety Donte Whitner paid Manziel the highest of compliments when he said that Manziel reminds him a little bit of Aaron Rodgers, at least in the intangibles department.

“He’s a pretty smart, savvy guy,” Whitner said of Manziel, via “I think he has all the intangibles and everybody looks at Aaron Rodgers as being just a dropback quarterback, but he’s dangerous because he can use his feet to manipulate things and get open and buy a little time and then he’s making a lot of big plays. Johnny has all of those intangibles. It’s just going out there and doing it and learning it.”