Doug McDermott Smokes 99 Amateurs in Game of HORSE (Video)

Mar 8, 2014; Omaha, NE, USA; Creighton Bluejays forward Doug McDermott (3) during their NCAA basketball game against the Providence Friars at the CenturyLink Center. Mandatory Credit: Dave Weaver-USA TODAY Sports

Former Creighton sharpshooter and current NCAA player of the year, Doug McDermott recently took on ninety-nine amatuer basketball players in a intense game of HORSE, as part of a new peanut M&M’s promotion.

If you were wondering about his range…

After watching this shooting display, it’s hard to imagine him missing many wide open looks on any court, at any level, but then again; when referring to hot collegiate shooters, Adam Morrison is never too distant of a thought. Shooting may not be everything, but one thing is clear, McDermott definitely has a gift that NBA teams will be undoubtedly chomping at the bit to put to the test next season.

Also, shoutout to some of these amateurs hitting these ridiculous trick shots. Sheesh!

[H/T Bleacher Report]