Drew Rosenhaus Says That Desean Jackson is a Cry Baby & Loser


Things are getting uglier by the minute between Desean Jackson and his former agent Drew Rosenhaus. Jackson filed a lawsuit against Rosenhaus in an attempt to not pay his estranged agent back $500K in unpaid loans, fees and penalties that he was ordered to pay by an arbitration hearing.

In the docs, Jackson argued the arbitrator’s ruling should be rendered invalid because the arbitrator had a bias in favor of Rosenhaus … and therefore, he shouldn’t have to fork over a single cent. 

Now, Rosenhaus is firing back in legal docs of his own … saying Jackson is wasting everyone’s time, since Jackson and Rosenhaus had AGREED to abide by the arbitrator’s ruling before the arbitration hearing ever began.  

Drew claims DeSean filed his “scandalous” lawsuit to smear Drew’s name in the media — and wants a judge to hit the Redskins star with a $50,000 fine to “discourage such baseless litigation” in the future. 

It seems pretty cut and dry. Jackson borrowed the money from Rosenhaus and now should pay it back. In addition to this, courts rarely ever overturn arbitration rulings. It seems like a losing battle for Jackson, but the legal battles continue between him and Rosenhaus for now.

[h/t TMZ]