Eagles Evan Mathis Says He Taught Rookies a Lesson With $64k Dinner (Photo)

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Coming in as a rookie into the NFL, usually you’re going to be subjected to some type of “welcoming” to your new team, whether that’s toilet paper all over your car, chicken in your locker or some other type of joke. Lately, teams have been doing something that takes the cake and by cake I mean money. Rookies coming into the league are actually taking their teammates out to dinner and by no means is this just a “Lets go to Ruth’s Chris” these rookies are dining at high end restaurants and the latest victim being a rookie of the Eagles.

Evan Mathis of the Eagles recently tweeted a picture of a receipt of a rookie dinner:

I don’t see how this is teaching them a  lesson other than making them a feature in another “30 for 30: Going Broke”. Rookies spending this much money in one night shouldn’t be condoned, especially with them being kids. I know one thing, that waitress went home one happy person.

One thought on “Eagles Evan Mathis Says He Taught Rookies a Lesson With $64k Dinner (Photo)

  • You fell for this hoax hook line and sinker apparently.

    Read the first letter of every item vertically on the receipt… then feel shame.

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