Eli Says He’s a Better Lover than Peyton

Eli and Peyton Manning

Eli was on with Jay Mohr of Fox Sports Radio, when they did one of those Q&As where you just give one word answers.

In this case Eli had to say where he or Peyton was better at something. Most of the questions were mundane, except one.

Mohr: “Who reads more?

Manning: “Peyton.”

Mohr: “Who’s a better lover?”

Manning: “Me.”

Mohr: “Who cooks better?”

Manning: “Me.”

Mohr: “Who drives better?”

Manning: “Definitely me.”

Mohr: “Who’s a better quarterback?”

Manning: “Peyton’s got me.”

Eli said it with no hesitation. If it was who was a better playoff quarterback, I bet he would have said himself.

H/T Sportress of Blogtitude