Embiid Says He Has the Biggest D*ck…N*GGA!!


Now that Joel Embiid has officially made it to the millionaires club aka the NBA the next logical  step is for him to let the twodels know that he’s packing in his pants. A video has surfaced of Embiid seemingly intoxicated where him and his friends are comparing their penis sizes. The breakdown of the conversation is pretty simple.

White kid: “I’m like 5’10″ and I got a seven inch dick.”

Embiid: “You never do that shit you know?”

Off camera: “Who’s got a bigger dick?”


Embiid is 7 ft tall and his feet are pretty big. Maybe he’s right ladies. Either way, he wants you to know that he’s available.

[h/t Crossing Broad]

One thought on “Embiid Says He Has the Biggest D*ck…N*GGA!!

  • What the hell kind of journalism is this? I’m sure the chick that wrote this article is a groupie!

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