Eminem’s Manager Makes Fun of Stuart Scott Says Unaware He’s Battling Cancer

Paul Rosenberg

Last night as the San Antonio Spurs rejoiced in a mild manner celebration after winning the 2014 NBA Finals, music manager and esquire Paul Rosenberg decided to use Twitter as his sounding board to be entertaining without thinking before he hit send.

In his disastrous attempt to be amusing, Rosenberg sent out the below tweet regarding ESPN’s sportscaster Stuart Scott.

Over the years Scott has gone public with his ongoing battle with cancer, which reemerged last year for the third time.

After a follower informed Rosenberg of Scott’s condition, Rosenberg went on to admit his comments were idiotic and ended the topic by saying he apologize.

It’s possible that Rosenberg wasn’t aware of Scott’s battle with cancer before he decided to send out his tweet. However I would think once he was made aware of Scott’s battle with cancer, he would’ve shown more compassion and said more regarding his ill advise comments.

This is yet another reminder that before you hit send and attempt to be funny online one should think first oppose to later.

Stuart Scott everyday i fight

Scott’s strength and courage propels others to never give up, and it’s unfortunate instead of marveling at his great interview with the usual reserve Kawhi Leonard the focus has been shifted to the insensitive remarks of Paul Rosenberg.


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  • Not Eminem’s manager, Rosenberg is a DJ at HOT97.

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