Evan Turner’s Ferrari Runs out of Gas on the Highway (Video)


Evan Turner proved that even rich NBA athletes experience some of the daily frustrations that regular people deal with on a daily basis.

In the video courtesy of former Ohio State basketball player P.J. Hill, the Pacers forward was stranded for a few minutes after his Ferrari ran out of gas on the freeway. 

Hill saved the day of course.


I wonder if this is how the Pacers felt a few months after they traded for Turner? I am not sure if he ran out of gas, he never really got out of the garage. Besides an alleged scuffle with Lance Stephenson, he didn’t contribute much and had several DNPs during the Eastern Conference Finals. The young lady in the car, seems really pleased they are stuck in the middle of the road.

One thought on “Evan Turner’s Ferrari Runs out of Gas on the Highway (Video)

  • Maybe if he would have settled for a less expensive vehicle he would not have ran out of gas!

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