Evander Holyfield Officially Retires From Boxing

Evander Holyfield June 2014

Evander Holyfield hasn’t been in the ring for three years, but he never officially retired from boxing. On Friday, the 51-year-old officially said his playing days are over as he admitted he will be entering the Nevada Boxing Hall of Fame in August.

From Eurosport:

“No, I’m done. They’re putting me in the Hall of Fame on the 9th, so it will be official. Won’t nobody fight me, and now, I don’t want to get hit.

“It just started happening. The guys [at Dynasty Boxing] were waiting on me to be part of this thing, and I told them that I would. They said, ‘Have you retired?’ I said I’d be retired that day. I’d say that’s it.”

Holyfield retires with a 44-10-2 record along with a no contest. He had 29 knockouts in 57 career fights. It seems like more will remember him for getting bit by Mike Tyson, though, than being a multi-division champion.