Giants DC: Seahawks Used ‘Carbon Copy’ Of Our Defense



New York Giants defensive coordinator Perry Fewell seems to believe he made the blueprint for the Seattle Seahawks success.

While a lot of us expect NFL defenses to try and copy the Seahawks way of doing things, Perry Fewell told the New York Post that he thinks the Seahawks are just copying the Giants.

“When I look at Seattle, I thought that the back end and the front end [of the defense] were pretty good,” Fewell said Thursday after the Giants wrapped up their three-day mandatory mini-camp. “I thought they looked like the New York Giants in ’07 [and] ’11.”

Fewell, who wasn’t even with the Giants in 2007 (he was the Bills’ defensive coordinator that season), then doubled down on his eye-opening claim.

“I thought they were a carbon copy of the New York Giants,” Fewell said. “I just think that they had good personnel and played good football and executed at a high level.”

Fewell obviously was referring to the combination of a stiff pass rush and playmaking secondary that led the way for the Giants in each of those two championship seasons.

Most of us know it as a Giants pass rush that made it possible in those years for any secondary to succeed.

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