Girl Runs On Field at CWS Says She Did It for the Vine (Video)


Abby either needs better friends or less alcohol.

Tonight while I was covering the College World Series game between Texas and UC Irvine for BSO, there was a girl that ran onto the field from the outfield. she got about halfway or so to the infield before she was swarmed by security guards. Now her friend has posted this video on Vine of her doing it for the Vine.

Abby is lucky she didn’t get tackled by the guards. I talked to some CWS officials who said they have made the penalties for this much tougher so I assume she is looking at quite a bit of community service at the very least.

It looks like she had fun but don’t do it for the Vine kids. Below you can also see my photo of her being taken off the field.

Girl on field at cws security

[Fatty Maddie]