Greg Oden Spikes Girl in the Face While Playing Volleyball (Video)


Oden seems like a genuinely fun loving guy to hang around with. Even though he is tall, he is very comfortable in his own skin.

He is like a fun Andrew Bynum (sadly they share the same knee issues). Here is Oden out playing volleyball with some friends or random strangers he just met. He shows no mercy to the poor girl trying to block his spike.

Not quite fair to have a 7-footer on your team, I hope that doesn’t leave a mark on her. It is a miracle that Oden was able to complete a full season with the Heat, even if he didn’t get to play a lot. Hopefully, his career can continue and he can be a contributor wherever he decides to go from this point on. Even if he his career is cut short in the NBA, there maybe a spot for him on Team USA’s Volleyball team.