Harbaugh Crashes Couple’s Engagement at Ravens Practice Facility (Video)

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Cincinnati Bengals

Here’s a word of advice to you lovestruck young men out there. It’s nice to be romantic and do wonderful things like put a ring on it, but just make sure that the “perfect engagement” doesn’t get ruined when the bride to be bumps into a famous person she just might have a mild crush on. A young man took his girlfriend to what he thought was the most romantic spot out there, and it just so happened to be the Ravens practice facility.

Being the sports lover that I am, I can see how a man might dream up whimsical visions of the perfect engagement at an NFL team’s practice facility. However, the caveat was when John Harbaugh walked into the middle of the proposal. Unfortunately for her now fiancé, the woman may have a little crush on Harbaugh, and why not? He’s a pretty attractive guy. At least the man proposing can say he gave his wife a twofer when he popped the question.

[h/t Sports Talk Florida]

One thought on “Harbaugh Crashes Couple’s Engagement at Ravens Practice Facility (Video)

  • Your speculation that she has a crush on Harbaugh is insulting and rather silly.

    Listen, I know it’s crazy, but please consider the idea that the reason the woman in the video gets so excited and star-struck is because she’s having an encounter with the Super Bowl-winning head coach of her FAVORITE NFL TEAM – not because she finds him to be totally dreamy. Good lord.

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