Heat Using A/C Game Loss as Motivation For Game 2

Lebron Cramps

If you thought Miami was over the heat they experienced Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals in San Antonio…think again.

The Miami Herald is reporting that they are still upset by the conditions and will be using that anger as fuel for their game 2 matchup tonight.

Spoelstra and his team are still angry over the conditions for Game 1 of the NBA Finals. The oppressive heat and humidity inside the arena that caused LeBron James to cramp and miss the final four minutes of the game will be a source of motivation for the defending back-to-back champions entering Game 2 on Sunday. James participated in the Heat’s light practice Saturday and will play in Game 2 after watching the end of Game 1 on the bench.

“We anticipate we will play in a very cool gym,” Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said before Saturday’s practice at the Spurs’ practice facility. “We will have to deal with that now. I don’t know if guys will be wearing tights under their shorts and long-sleeved shirts, I don’t know.”

No surprise here.  Today, it’s really unheard of to have a NBA game played under such conditions.