Indiana Girl to Become First College FB Female Cornerback

Shelby Osborne

Shelby Osborne, a 5-foot-6, 140 pound cornerback out of Jefferson High in Indiana, has just signed to play college football at Campbellsville University – an NAIA school in Kentucky.

Osborne’s signing will make her the 1st female to play cornerback at the college level.

“I’d wake up for 4 a.m. runs and stay at school until 8 p.m. working with the coaches,” she said. “I worked throughout the whole year, fell in love with the game and didn’t want to give it up. When the season ended, I was desperate to find anyone who would take me and continue on the thing that captured my heart.”

“At first it was for me. It was something I wanted to do, and I went out and achieved it,” Osborne said. “But now I have girls coming to me asking for help. It doesn’t just apply to football — just anything they don’t see as a possibility because there are certain professions viewed as male professions that they could go into that they might not have thought about.”

Shelby, who only played in games sparingly during her senior year in high school, knows she won’t be able to tackle with the boys, but says that will only make her focus more on shutting her side of the field down by not allowing opposing receivers to catch the ball.

Good Luck Shelby!