Is Russell Westbrook’s Girlfriend Pregnant? (Photos)


Russell Westbrook and teammate Serge Ibaka are out in Maui enjoying their offseason with their significant others Nina Earl (former UCLA bball player) and Keri Hilson (R&B Singer).

It’d be a normal NBA offseason except that Westbrook’s GF is sporting a little extra poundage around the midsection in their beach pictures. The writers at were first to point out that Nina may be carrying a Lil’ Wessy baby bump.

Here’s a close up picture of Nina Earl is she is about to give birth to a 2033 First Round draft pick?

RussellWestbrookandgirlfriendNinaEarlInMaui3 copy

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  • Really???? Who cares if she is plump or pregnant?

    such a NON STORY!!!!!

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