Isiah Thomas: Jordan Couldn’t Play Through Those Cramps


Michael Jordan Isiah Thomas

The twitter medical experts on hydration came out in full force after severe cramping took Lebron James out of last night’s game.  But, professional athletes, including NBA great Isiah Thomas, all agree that no one would be able to play through that…even the seemingly invincible Michael Jordan.

“There is no athlete on the planet who could’ve played through those cramps,” Thomas told Yahoo Sports. “Michael Jordan absolutely couldn’t have played through those cramps. I absolutely couldn’t have played through those cramps. As an athlete, there’s nothing you could do.”

No, this is not hating coming from one of MJ’s well known nemeses.  This is fact.  Sorry twitter experts or as I like to call them…haters.

H/T: Larry Brown Sports


  1. Thomas cannot say what Jordan could or could not do. The only thing that he said was correct is that he couldn’t play with cramps and that’s probably why he sat out sooo much.

    • man if you ever played ANY sport in you life you KNOW you cant do NOTHING with cramps, you can barely move to get off the field. unless jordan had some way to its not just the pain alone(which is unbearable) but when you muscles cramp they lock up YOU CANT MOVE THEM. it is pretty safe to say NOBODY can play through that. unless you call just standing in one spot while in pain playing, then yes jordan could of played through it

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